We loved the product so much we bought the company. (Actually we took the employee)

Remember the Remington Shaver adds from the 80s? Victor Kiam liked the product so much he bought the company. 

If you know either Jonas or myself you will know of our extensive use of apple computers and apple igadgetry to help us run our small business. One helpful feature of owning an apple computer (or 4 in our case) is that you can attend onetoone classes with an apple genius once a week. I attended my classes at the Eaton Centre Apple Store. It's quite a popular program, as I have run into several people I know, including Dan Taylor, the former Economic Development Officer of PEC (he is now the President & CEO Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corp.).
Obviously we didn't buy Apple Inc. although we love the products. Instead we stole one of their employees, one of their most talented too. 

Perhaps we lured him with tantalizing sparkling wine. Or perhaps with the other exciting projects on the go that will require his design skills. Either way, we're excited to have Alex on the team.

Alex holds the position of Brand and Marketing Coordinator and can be reached via Email here