ROSE 2009 Release

It really is simple: the perfect growing season produces perfect grapes which in turn produce great wine. The 2009 vintage felt like a gift after the challenging vintage of 2008 but it was more than that. The fruit was picked ripe with brown seeds and stems, but naturally low in sugar and high in acidity, a perfect scenario for sparkling wine. In the past we've picked early in the morning so the grape bunches were cold when we pressed them. But it was October 6th and it was cold throughout the day so the grapes were processed in an ideal temperature. The fermentation was cool and the winery was filled with the aroma of grapefruit and citrus blossoms.  

The Rosé 2009 Method Traditional is likely the best wine we've made to date but we admit to having a bias of working with the best fruit in the 5 years of making wine at Hinterland.
What we love most about this wine is the purity and concentration. Clean and focused with an intense vibrant pink colour, it is a great example of how much the vintage has to do with the characteristics of the wine. The Rosé has a tight and persistent mousse, with clean, fresh, and focused cherry and strawberry fruit on the nose and palate, and the slightest touch of brioche and toast which has quickly become the hallmark of the Hinterland style.

We've simplified the ordering process, please visit our website to order the Rosé or any of our wines. We ship in 6 or 12 bottle boxes.  Free shipping of 12 or more using the shipping code: ROSEMARCH. If you are picking up your order please provide the quantity via email, and pay when you pick up.  The winery is open on weekends.

The Rosé 2009 is a brut (dry) sparkling wine and can be aged for at least a decade or two. It can be consumed immediately but we do recommend trying to wait a few more months (we couldn't) and drinking it at intervals of a couple of months (or years) to note its development.

Date disgorged: February 10th, 2012.
Next date of disgorgement is March 29th, 2012.
Price: $37.00 (taxes and bottle fee included)

*Did you know we have something in common with the Champagne House Bollinger?
We at Hinterland also adhere to a RD program. The best description of RD (Recently Disgorged) was through Berry Bros and Rudd wine merchants on their website: "In instances where disgorgement is deliberately delayed to the point just prior to the release of the bottling to the market, the champagne benefits from a prolonged maturation on its lees (yeast) which reinforces the aromatic subtlety and complexity of the final wine. Most importantly, late disgorgement allows the Champagne to retain its freshness and vivacity and fruity expression despite the ageing".