Updates from Hinterland

Fifty shades of Whitecap...

"I can drink this all the time, with anything, and anywhere". A sentiment heard often over this past week, the Whitecap is truly versatile and can be used fifty ways. Since the VQA approved the Whitecap a week ago and gave it an all time highest score in the blind tasting panel, it has been purchased for weddings, restaurant wine lists, bbq's, dinner parties, and for sipping on Tuesday night on the back deck.

Named after the whitecaps of Lake Ontario, it is lots of fun and has a high delicious factor. It shows ripe peach and melon on the nose and has a surprisingly unctuous mouth feel with the nice clean dry finish you have come to expect from us at Hinterland. Its fine creamy texture makes the Whitecap incredibly easy to drink.

The charmat method is used in the crafting of prosecco. The secondary fermentation (which is the process to produce bubbles) takes place in a charmat tank (instead of the bottle like Champagne). This process is ideal for aromatic and fruit forward sparkling wines and produces wine for immediate enjoyment.

Enjoy the Whitecap chilled as an aperitif, with all shellfish, fish and white meat like poultry and pork. Enjoy it in its 50 shades...

Ancestral in its twilight...

Although we doubled production, it looks as though the Ancestral will be sold out by the end of the month. We are down to the last 30 cases. Thank you for enjoying the Ancestral, we're thrilled by positive feedback we've received and hope to increase production significantly by 2013.

What do Homer, Hephaestus, Hinterland have in common?

We have some very exciting news to announce, but sticking to our strict policy of sending out only 1 email per season, we ask that you check our website in the next few weeks or look for the announcement on twitter or facebook.

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