Misfit Whitecap 6 Bottle Promotion

Misfit Whitecap 6 Bottle Promotion

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Sometimes the labels don't go on straight. Sometimes they get wet and begin to fray. This doesn't mean the Misfit Whitecap isn't exactly the same as it's perfectly labeled counterpart. 

Now that we're entering Winter & the Holiday party season we thought we would offer these bottles to you at a discount. 

Use the Misfit Whitecap just as you would the regular Whitecap. We recommend enjoying it on it's own, in a sparkling wine cocktail (we recommend an Aperol Spritz) or paired with your favourite party favours or main course.

Sold in multiples of six.

(Please note that quarantine club free shipping doesn't apply to
this promotion, you'll need to add another bottle to your order!)