Blanc De Blancs Method Traditional 2011 - RD - SOLD OUT!
Blanc De Blancs Method Traditional 2011 - RD - SOLD OUT!

Blanc De Blancs Method Traditional 2011 - RD - SOLD OUT!

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The Blanc de Blancs Method Traditional is now sold out. Stay tuned for the 2013 vintage which is coming soon.


After aging the remaining 2011 Blanc de Blancs for 40 months sur lattes, we are now making it available for you to enjoy!

There are 900 bottles available.

Disgorged on September 4th, 2015. Brut natural (zero).

Please refrain from imbibing until at least 6 months from disgorgement date. We recommend aging this bottle for several years. 

Our posting from Autumn 2013:

After sampling from the 500L barrels housing the 2011 Chardonnay destined for the Les Etoiles, Jonas said: 
“Hey Vic, let’s make a Blanc de Blanc from the Chardonnay, it’s amazing!”.

Then I said, “Absolutely not”. This Chardonnay is for the Les Etoiles”. And then I tasted the barrels and said something I say to Jonas about once a year: “You’re right. Let’s make a blanc de blanc. But just this once!”.

You see, I’m a firm believer (by believer I mean zealot) of the paradox of choice, an astonishing field of research that shows that minimizing choice has positive benefits for consumers. To take this further, we find that by making fewer wine titles, we can focus on improving our viticulture and winemaking for these few titles.

But back to the wine. We made an exception for the Blanc de Blanc because the Chardonnay in those 500L barrels was just so special. Jonas was also inspired by some of the great Champagne Houses in France which use large barrels (500L) and produce sparkling wine from Chardonnay only (hence Blanc de Blanc). But he quickly diverged from the traditional Champagne houses by doing something which I thought was a little risky.  After leaving the Chardonnay in those 500L barrels for 8 months he put the unfiltered wine in the bottle for the secondary ferment along with Chardonnay lees.

The result: After a year of aging, the blanc de blanc has the aromatics and flavour profile of a rich and aged champagne.  We are very proud of this wine, balancing good fruit, creaminess and bracing acidity. This wine feels like it will age gracefully for 10 to 12 years.

Jonas was right (just this once).
Oh, for a great presentation on too much choice and its impact on we the consumer please 
see Sheena Iyengar’s Presentation on Ted Talks: How to make choosing easier