Blanc De Blancs Method Traditional 2013 - sold out!

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Thank you for enjoying the BDB 2013 vintage. Stay tuned for future releases!

Even though we are aging the remaining bottles for a future release, we found a small quantity of clear bottles of Blanc de blancs to disgorge. This is the only time we've bottled a traditional method wine in clear bottles (we ran out of dark bottles during bottling, these were lying around, you see where this is going). We don't want to age in clear bottles so voilà! We have more Blanc de blancs for you to enjoy!

Chardonnay vines grown in our Hillier Clay-Loam soils truly produce a remarkable sparkling wine and 2013 turned out to be an excellent vintage.

We aged the Chardonnay in 500L 5 year old barrels for 10 months prior to tirage. The Blanc de blancs aged sur lattes (in bottle) for 30 months until the first disgorgement in February 2017.

The nose is very mineral and rich with wet limestone. The palate is clean and creamy with a lively mousse. Ready to drink 6 months post-disgorgement or age in your cellar for 5 years or more.

Only 150 cases produced.