Capped Whitecap 2018 Method Charmat *Weekend Special*
Capped Whitecap 2018 Method Charmat *Weekend Special*
Capped Whitecap 2018 Method Charmat *Weekend Special*

Capped Whitecap 2018 Method Charmat *Weekend Special*

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Capped Whitecap 2018 Method Charmat

During our last bottling of the Whitecap, we first ran out of clear bottles. Then we ran out of corks. Not a big deal because were going to use these bottle capped Whitecap bottles for sampling in the retail store...

Now that our tasting room is closed due to Covid-19 and with the new vintage of Whitecap in the horizon we had two options. Either we could drink many sparkling wine cocktails (who doesn't love an Aperol spritz?) or offer these bottles to you at a discount. 

It's the same Whitecap but in a crown cap and a dark bottle. We recommend using it in a sparkling Kir or another sparkling wine based cocktail, or chilled and enjoyed on it's own.

(Please note that the 4 bottle minimum required for free shipping doesn't apply to this promotion, you'll need to order a couple more! Also, a few of these bottles have corks, so you may receive a crown cap or a cork with your order. Either way it is the same deliciousness at a lower price).

Named after the whitecaps of Lake Ontario, the Whitecap is a charmat method sparkling wine from the 2018 vintage.

Made with Riesling, Vidal and Pinot Gris grapes, the Whitecap is a very fresh, aromatic and flavourful sparkling wine with peach and tropical fruit on the nose and balanced acidity on the palate. Its fine creamy texture makes the Whitecap incredibly easy to drink.  

It may be the addition of Pinot Gris but this vintage is especially delicious. Very fruit forward on the nose and a lovely lingering acidity on the finish. The Whitecap is our perennial bestseller for a reason!

The Whitecap achieves its bubbles by undergoing a secondary fermentation in a large stainless steel Charmat tank. The process was first discovered by French winemaker Eugene Charmat in 1907 and today is most commonly used in the production of prosecco.

This process is ideal for aromatic and fruit forward sparkling wines and produces wine for immediate enjoyment.

$13.25 (Taxes & bottle deposit included.)