Terry Fox T-shirt 2021
Terry Fox T-shirt 2021

Terry Fox T-shirt 2021

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We are selling the new 2021 Terry Fox Run T-shirts on behalf of the Terry Fox Foundation. 100% of proceeds go to the Terry Fox Foundation.


100% Cotton

Fitted crew neck tee  — super soft, lightweight and slim fit

Unisex — available in sizes S - 2XL

Also available at the winery for pick up, and of course at the Terry Fox Foundation: www.terryfox.org

About This Year's Design:

The Fox Family are proud Canadians. Like many families, they wanted to research their heritage and discovered their Métis lineage on the Gladue side of the family (Betty Fox's mom was Marian Gladue). To honour this history, the family liaised with Métis Nation BC to create the 2021 Terry Fox Run t-shirt.

The design celebrates Terry’s heritage, with illustrations of traditional Métis floral beading created by Métis artist Mal Blondeau (the Métis are known as the Flower Beadwork People.) The flowers chosen honour the land where Terry's ancestors lived: the prairie crocus of Manitoba and the wild prairie rose of North Dakota. The Foundation’s mission - to fund cancer research - is written in English, French and the Métis traditional language of Michif, as is the phrase “Try Like Terry”, in honour of his remarkable effort. The back of the shirt includes a mouse track beadwork border with the Métis infinity symbol.