Whitecap 2017 Method Charmat

Whitecap 2017 Method Charmat

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750 mL

Named after the whitecaps of Lake Ontario, the Whitecap is a charmat method sparkling wine from the 2017 vintage. The Whitecap is a very fresh, aromatic and flavourful sparkling wine with peach and tropical fruit on the nose and balanced acidity on the palate. Its fine creamy texture makes the Whitecap incredibly easy to drink.  

The Whitecap achieves its bubbles by undergoing a secondary fermentation in a large stainless steel Charmat tank. The process was first discovered by French winemaker Eugene Charmat in 1907 and today is most commonly used in the production of prosecco.

This process is ideal for aromatic and fruit forward sparkling wines and produces wine for immediate enjoyment.