Les Etoiles 2013 Method Traditional RD
Les Etoiles 2013 Method Traditional RD

Les Etoiles 2013 Method Traditional RD

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After aging for an additional 54 months (4.5 years) sur lattes we have disgorged our 2013 RD (Recently Disgorged) Les Etoiles. 

Two versions are available. Brut Nature for immediate consumption & Brut with minimal dosage to lay down in your cellar for a couple of months.*  The Brut Nature bottles will be disgorged & capped, nothing will be added. The Brut will have approximately 4g/L dosage. The palate doesn't change dramatically between the two but the Brut will require additional aging (and if you're like us, you'll want to pop the cork on a bottle as soon as it arrives). 

Planned release date is March 27th, 2021. Until then we're offering the 2013 at the pre-release price of $39.75. The regular price is $44.75.

The 2013 vintage was balanced, with warm days and cool nights, in fact very similar to the stellar vintage of 2011. Better spring weather and a decent crop in the vineyard (still low at 1.5 tonnes per acre) also helped us harvest fruit of high quality.

The Les Etoiles is pure elegance and balance, with concentrated lemon citrus aromatics and pure minerality on the palate. Made with 40% Pinot Noir & 60% Chardonnay, and 4g/L dosage.

The fruit was hand picked from our vineyard with the perfect acidity and sugar levels for sparkling. Our grapes take longer to reach the sugar and acidity levels needed for sparkling in PEC (when compared to other sparkling wine regions) and as a result our grapes display very complex ripe flavours at time of harvest.

The term method traditional is synonymous with the champagne method, however, only sparkling wine produced in the region of Champagne can use the term.

*Brut Nature = impatient, can't wait to try it , Brut = patient, will cellar for 6 months

This is an excellent solution for us too, Samaras gets her Brut Nature and Newman can produce wines for aging.