Lacus Product Info

750 mL—$29.00 tax included

Like our popular Ancestral, Pét-Nat wines are also produced in the method ancestral. The major difference is that our Lacus Pét-Nat is fully dry. 

A deep ruby red, our Gamay Noir Pét-Nat is beautifully effervescent with intense flavours of rhubarb and tart berry on the nose and palate.

Like the Whitecap, the Lacus is also named after Lake Ontario, but not the one on earth. A pink Lake Ontario exists on Titan, a moon of Saturn (called Ontario Lacus) and we like to say that like its namesake, the Lacus is out of this world.  

Only 80 cases produced.

Price: $29.00 (includes HST + bottle deposit)

13.0% alcohol

The jury is out on the full definition of Pét-Nat wines.

For example, clarity is a major topic of discussion and whether to disgorge the remaining sediment has caused the biggest divide amongst winemakers.  Many French winemakers disgorge their Pét-Nat wines and we have also decided to lightly disgorge our Pét-Nat. The main reason we disgorged is because we're in the bubble business and wanted you to open a stable product. 

An excellent resource is this article from Wine Enthusiast called "Your Pét-Nat Primer":

We would love to hear your thoughts, especially after tasting the Lacus.