Ancestral Rosé 2023 Method Ancestral - now available!

Ancestral Rosé 2023 Method Ancestral - now available!

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Ancestral sparkling rosé is the perfect fit for your holiday luncheon and it warms every mother-in-law's heart.

Have you ever tried an Ancestral method sparkling wine? They’re quite rare. Made with the Gamay Noir grape, the Ancestral is deliciously elegant, with ripe strawberry on the nose and palate and a pleasing acidity on the finish. Reflective of the cooler summer of 2023, the Ancestral’s alcohol is a touch lower, but it’s still the delicious Ancestral we’ve come to know over the years.

Named for the original way of making effervescent wine, the Ancestral is produced using similar techniques first employed in 1531, by the monks of Saint-Hillaire abbey in France. A difficult wine to produce, the carbon dioxide is captured during the primary fermentation producing a lightly sparkling, off-dry, delightfully fruit-forward wine.

Excellent with or without food. Excellent with your holiday luncheon (great day drinker) due to its lower alcohol content.  Pair the Ancestral with your cheese or charcuterie boards, turkey or ham, Asian or Indian cuisine or lightly sweetened desserts like pavlovas or fruit pies.

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Ottawa Magazine Wine Review:
Jonas Newman and Vicki Samaras, the innovative sparkling wine specialists of PEC, have made a delicious, light (seven percent alcohol), off-dry pink, gamay fizz they call “The Babymaker.” Ancestral takes its more serious name from a process used in Bugey, a village along the Rhône River in eastern France. The fizz is created by capturing the CO2 of the primary fermentation (which occurs at very low temperature) to preserve the fruitiness. It’s pale pink and very bright, with a fresh nose of raspberry-redcurrant fruit jam. It’s medium-sweet yet delightfully fresh and pure, with a lingering redcurrant fruit. Great wine in bed — Valentine’s Day or not.

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