Les Etoiles Method Traditional
Les Etoiles Method Traditional

Les Etoiles Method Traditional

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Made from only the softly pressed grapes of our estate grown Chardonnay (35%) and Pinot Noir (65%), the nose has clean perfumed aromatics of pome fruit, citrus blossom, and brioche. The palate is dry (brut) and concentrated with good mid-palate and significant length. The bubble is small, tight and persistent. This wine simultaneously manages to exude power and grace.

The Les Etoiles is aged in bottle for a minimum of 36 months before we begin the process of disgorging and dosaging. For the Rosé Method Traditional and Les Etoiles we employ the RD method (recently disgorged) which means we disgorge and dosage the Les Etoiles & Rosé in small batches until it is all sold.

Made in the traditional method, the 2016 Les Etoiles will age in your cellar for several years.

Price: $35.00 + HST + bottle deposit