Rosé 2011 Method Traditional - a special offer from our private collection
Rosé 2011 Method Traditional - a special offer from our private collection

Rosé 2011 Method Traditional - a special offer from our private collection

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We are grateful and overwhelmed by your support since we have had to close our retail store.
While our plans for celebrating 10 years have been postponed we have decided to celebrate the you remotely. As long as we are closed to the public we will be offering promotions from our cellar as our way of showing gratitude to you. 

When we re-released the 2011 Rosé Method Traditional RD we held back 8 cases of disgorged, finished sparkling wine for our personal library. We are releasing it to you at the original price back in 2013. It is absolutely beautiful and can be enjoyed today (or as soon as  you receive it). We highly recommend this wine if you are a fan of dry rosé champagnes.

The Rosé 2011 RD displays strawberry on toast aromatics that we have come to expect from our vineyard on Trumpour Road, and it is so delicate that Jonas describes it as being “spritzed on as a perfume”.

We love the persistence on the palate; the wine is very concentrated with a long and pleasing finish with more strawberry and toast. The acidity is cleansing and the wine finishes dry – makes you want to take another sip.

Rosé 2011 Method Traditional Hard Facts:

Components: 85% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay from our own farm.

Total original production: 400 cases

Disgorgement date: February 2018 after 60 months sur lattes.

Dosage: 2 g/L

Available today: 96 bottles

Price: $34.34 + HST + bottle deposit

Initially we were concerned. The 2011 vintage was very wet and rainy, in fact very similar to the challenging vintage in 2008 but with one major difference, we had 3 more years of viticulture under our belt. Better equipment, prevention and intervention in the vineyard also helped us harvest fruit of high quality.

The fruit was hand picked with the perfect acidity and sugar levels for sparkling. Our grapes take longer to reach the sugar and acidity levels needed for sparkling in PEC (when compared to other sparkling wine regions) and as a result our grapes display very complex ripe flavours at time of harvest.

The result was definitely worth the challenges we faced with the rain. The rosé is pure elegance; balance, with a concentrated flavour that comes from a long growing season and low yields in the vineyard.

Ok, we sound totally biased but it is because our Rosé is the first sparkling wine we ever released back in 2010 and it was the wine that first gave us recognition by the press and public. It is a wine we always associate with happy memories… and we happen to really enjoy drinking it.