Borealis Method Charmat Product Info

Borealis Method Charmat 
VQA Ontario

750 mL ‚ÄĒ $24.00 tax included

We have your sparkling rosé for every occasion. The 2022 vintage of the Borealis rosé method charmat sparkling wine is now available.

Made in the charmat method, it’s your locally made answer to pink Prosecco. Named after a rare pink aurora Borealis spotted in 2003, our Borealis receives its pink hue from Cabernet Franc.

The excellent acidity and persistent bubbles lead to a long, fresh, mineral finish. Delicious sipper, with or without food.

Named after the breathtaking pink Aurora Borealis we saw while picking Chardonnay on Danny Lenko’s farm at night on October 30th, 2003.

The Borealis is essentially the pink partner to the Whitecap Method Charmat but we thought of this one first.

The Borealis achieves its bubbles by undergoing a secondary fermentation in a large stainless steel Charmat tank. The process was first discovered by French winemaker Eugene Charmat in 1907 and today is most commonly used in the production of prosecco. The Borealis is a very fresh, aromatic and flavourful sparkling wine with balanced acidity on the palate. Enjoy now.